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2012-01-19 13:31:26   Won't be going back now that they charge for drinking water. What's next coin-op restrooms? —ariarias

2012-01-19 15:51:42   It isn't that water trumps cost and quality, it's that service is important. I've driven by this place dozens of times on my way to other places like Tap & Mallet. Looks like I'll just keep driving by and I'll recommend that others do the same. —BrianJ

2012-01-19 17:15:17   I wonder if he kvetches about something as trivial as the cost of water, what ELSE does he 'cheap out' on? Frankly, I don't care to find out. I can see that he's bringing Dicky's back to roughly the image it had back in the 1980's (namely, the place to go drink when nobody else would serve you). Hope your business model works out, but somehow I see you being on the list of "GBNF 2012". With an additude like yours, I'd bet you don't make it through summer. —Alex-C

2012-01-19 19:46:53   [WWW]http://tinychoices.com/2011/12/28/bottled-water-making-a-comeback/EileenF

2012-01-19 19:59:52   I'd feel the same way about a group of 5 coming into a bar ordering 5 waters and demanding they be free. Just because you expect it doesn't mean it makes any sense. It isn't free. Order a damn drink. —Rufus

2012-01-19 20:59:14   I see where he is coming from. I know it sort of sucked to pay the $4.32 heat charge but the $0.78 chair rental is such a bargain. The bathrooms do remain free but toilet paper is $0.10 a square. —BadFish

2012-01-19 21:29:16   Where is that sense of ENTITLEMENT we are accusing the "youth" of today of exhibiting? Oh, Wait, Found it! While I might not agree to come here should I wish to have a free glass of H2O... that would be my choice (I might go drinking and eating elsewhere, show up for 1 drink instead of multiple here). He is a business owner and allowed to do what he wishes just as easily as you so choose to patron or not. Comment instead of name calling, please. So, instead of the entitled and childish name calling some practice... say, "no thanks, I choose not to participate b/c this upsets me" and move on! However, if you feel yourself so "special and entitled" to judge based on larger cities you have traveled long ago and compare- as you are so much more worldly than others, realize,- this is more a norm as resources and capital are more volitile than the past (as I've been charged $14 for martini's in coffee mugs in large cities). Also, if you can run a small business at cost and continue to price cheaply and comparatively to larger chains in todays' society. Good Luck in doing so! —NightlifeCher

2012-01-25 11:32:30   This is great entertainment. I am glad you have something to do/talk about. We are one of the most inexpensive places in town (aside from the $1 water). If you could get off the computer long enough to come and see what we have to offer in person you would know that. Maybe stop bashing places/things from behind your screens and see what the world has to offer.

2012-01-25 13:21:22   I have worked for a few small businesses in the past and have a sense of the cost of doing business. I don't think it's appropriate to crucify a business owner for their choice. If we don't agree with their choice, then we have the option to not frequent their business. Let the success of the business determine whether it's "right" to charge for water. —WestSideB

2012-01-25 16:06:50   "If you could get off the computer long enough to come and see what we have to offer in person you would know that."

Sorry, buddy. You come off as either a complete cheapskate or else somebody who is absolutely clueless as to what constitutes 'customer service'. I've worked for people like you before, and I wouldn't trust such a person to be very conscientious about anything from quality of meats used, to freshness of produce, to even following basic health rules. And, as if you haven't already ruined your business' reputation with enough people, you decide to come here and insult an even larger audience!

The cat's out of the bag now; you've shared with the ENTIRE CITY your true thoughts. I'd say your best bet is to either re-name the place quickly, or else sell it. Seriously, dood, you really oughtta find a different line of business! Have you considered becoming a bouncer? —Alex-C

2012-01-25 17:54:02   My personal opinion: Please-If you don't like him charging for water or the way he works, simply don't go to the restaurant. Let's not antagonize each other and battle on the Wiki. —PeteB