Donald A. Camp, Jr.


Don is a local artist who mostly paints. His work can be viewed at a host of local galleries:

or on the web at [WWW]

Don's Artist Statement:

After attending a fine state college, and an even finer graduate school, I made my way into the world of art. I have pieces displayed in many private homes and corporate offices throughout New York State, Maryland, California, Virginia and Georgia. I work out of a private studio located in Rochester, New York, where I create art using all kinds of media, specializing in oil and acrylic paints, as well as various drawing material. My influences come from the Wyeth family, Chuck Close, and Van Gogh.

Through the years, I have developed an understanding about myself. I have found that I am more interested in what other people get from my work than what I get from it, though I am my own worst critic. I really do enjoy the process of painting and appreciate how shapes form and colors blend together. Seeing something in my mind and watching it form on the canvas is exciting. I'm always amazed at the finished product (though it's never really done), be it good or bad. My driving force is pride, mostly, to see if I can do what I set out to do.

I enjoy working with color. I rarely let a plan influence me, even though I usually start out with one. As I develop a painting, I let the palatte choose the path that the canvas will travel. My paintings are meant to be open to interpretation, which is why many of my paintings (or at least the ones pictured on this website) are abstract. I suppose people could say that my paintings focus on the relationships of color, the way color interacts with the eye. I don't totally disagree with that, as art is always interpreted by the person who is looking at it. It is more important that the person make a connection, that it has a meaning to them.

I hope you like what you see....