Doug's East Avenue Barber Shop

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1825 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14610 [Directions]
585 461 5020
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to 4:00PM
$10 for students

Doug's East Avenue Barber Shop is a really nice looking barbershop on East Avenue with the bottles of "barber stuff" in the window, and a vintage cash register. Very cool.

Doug, a friendly grandfatherly sort, passed away in early August 2013. The shop is run by Doug's daughter Mary and her daughter Stephany. If you're lucky Stephany's German Shepherd will be hanging around the shop too!


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2006-11-18 20:11:17   I've had my hair cut here once, by Doug. He did a fine job, but he rounded off the back without asking how I wanted it (I like it tapered). Nevertheless, this is a friendly shop - just make sure you specify what you want up-front —EastSideStephen

2008-09-05 11:52:16   I have to agree with the EastSideStephen comment. I just got back from having my hair cut there and it is a good cut. BUT, it is not the cut I asked for. Taking the ESS advice, I specified exactly how I wanted it. Doug's daughter did a fine job, just not my style. Despite asking for my neck to be tapered, she did not. She took much too much hair off. I expect that she saw me and had a vision in her head of how my hair should be. Thats what she did. If you just want a sharp cut, you have nothing to worry about. If you are at all particular, I would try somewhere else or just be very clear about what you want. —JonathanOlmsted

2010-02-25 11:49:30   I've been going here for years. I wear my hair short and Mary (Doug's daughter) does a great clipper cut. They also (both) do a great job with kids; they have a play area, a TV usually showing kids programs and a free lolly-pop. Prices raised recently; $14 for adults and $10 for kids. Student price noted may still be active though. —RichardSchreiber

2010-08-25 16:37:53   I went here before the Nov 2008 election and during my haircut we were talking politics. Doug was going off on how Obama was going to give all his tax money to "his [Obama's] people". I haven't been back. —AdrianMartin

2010-09-15 16:33:23   Been going to Salon types of places for a long time now, usually when I wanted to change things up and also because they were nearby. I decided to go to Doug's because a buddy of mine has been going for years and always seems to have a great haircut. So, I decided to give it a chance and I am very pleased with the outcome. To comment on previous posts, Doug's daughter cut my hair and I asked for a specific taper and length on top. She did it VERY quickly and very well. I would have been in and out in just a few minutes, but Doug was watching CNN and he and his daughter started speaking about Paladino who was commenting on the Mosque being built in Manhattan. While the discourse was veering toward a more "right wing" view, I thought they actually both listened to what I had to say in response from my side of the Political spectrum and it was actually a really nice polite political discourse. I'll be going back for sure. —D-ron

2011-11-21 19:26:51   I had a couple of cuts by Doug, and one by his daughter. Neither of them are terribly talented at cutting hair. I've found better, and haven't been back. —Alex-C

2013-08-14 10:01:49   I'm a regular customer and as far as I know, Mary (Doug's daughter) and her daughter Stephanie will keep the shop open. —jjjingleheimer

2013-11-19 09:16:52   I used to love Doug before he passed away – Now I try to get over to the shop when I can to help support his daughter, who continues the business. It seems funny to me that one reviewer here would complain about Doug’s conservative politics – All the best barbers are conservative! If you’re going to scratch barbers off your list because they’re conservative, you’re going to find yourself at Supercuts. It is true of both Doug and his daughter that they lean toward haircuts that are pretty tight/short, but if you want a haircut to last at least a couple of weeks you’re going to get that here. —richardg

2013-11-20 13:26:01   I have been a loyal customer of Doug's Barber Shop since 1992 when I first arrived in teh Rochester area. This business is the perfect combination of getting a great haircut, reasonably quick and feeling comfortable in a friendly atmosphere. If you come in five minutes before closing, they always smile and welcome you with open arms and scissors. They truly appreciate their clients. I was so sad when Doug passed as he will be missed by me for sure. His daughter Mary is wonderful in her craft as well and this is an excellent establishment to get a good haircut. It's a family feel and I am a fan.— —JoeLovallo

2016-06-03 18:24:50   Just moved into the neighborhood and was looking for a barber. Mary is a pleasure, super friendly and knows everyone by name. My hair looks great. I'm a new regular for sure. —NathanJLichtenstein