Drum and Bugle Corps


For those uninitiated folks in the world who have not encountered competitive drum corps, visualize (and sonorize... is that a word? it is now) a typical parade band. Put them on a football field, toss the woodwinds and trombones, replace with mellophones and soprano trumpets and sousaphones, and lengthen the show to about 15 minutes. Fill the pit with an array of velvety, clanging, crashing, and melodious instruments (chimes, marimbas, gongs, cymbals, cowbells, vibraphones... all of these will do) and players with the muscle and technique to play them all. Populate the marching ranks with the musical superstars of the day, and fill the colorguard with individuals who have the strange ability to appear alternately delicate and athletic and divinely sensual to even the person sitting half a mile away in the top row of the stands. As for the music, jazz is a favorite of late, but really anything will do. The secret lies in the arrangement and tne impressiveness. And you'll need a few soloists... these are the folks who can change their colors within a second, go from being part of a uniform a cohesive whole to being the only person on the field that exists until the end of their solo.

Now take these groups, from around the world, and put them in competition against each other.

Rochester has two(?) senior corps:

You will probably not be surprised to learn that there is a [WWW]Drum Corps Wiki.