Earthtones Coffee House/Photos


Earthtones Coffee House/Photos is an extension to Earthtones Coffee House entry for sharing photos taken there.

Why we love to stop for a date at Earthtones !! - our visit on Sep 18, 2008. Click on any of the photos to view the larger 800 pixel image. - BradMandell

earthtonescardsx800.jpgPick up your Caffeine Card (they keep it for you). earthtonessharing01x800.jpgTwo Coffees and something to share! earthtonesfireplacex800.jpgMaybe a spot by the fireplace!
earthtonesbbx800.jpgBulletin Board - Share your Info earthtoneswall04x800.jpgArt and Photography to enjoy or buy earthtoneswall02x800.jpgA good eye made the selections
earthtoneswall03x800.jpgArt covers almost the entire end wall earthtoneswall01x800.jpgNice write-up about one of the artists