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2007-04-11 18:19:10   i have eaten here a couple of time and food is ok. everything is highly overpriced to make up for the huge amount of flatscreen tv's thet only play sports or news. the friday fich fry is sometimes too salty. they put pinneapple in the coleslaw. they put this gross pepper and onion "sauce" on their shaved steak and if you ask for traditional sauteed peppers and onions they want to charge you. the onion ring are really greasy, turkey gravey bland and runny. the turkey club is pretty good same with homefries also the choc cream pie and german choc cake are good. they take there sweet time to serve food and service is rude and sometimes threatening. i saw one couple wait and hour for their food and when they said they had to leave cuz her blood sugar was too low and she had to eat something asap...they threatened to call the cops on her...then took another 10 min to bring her anything. so all and all i would not eat here unless its an emergency. —JadeRaven

2007-04-22 14:35:53   I had breakfast here yesterday. Great food and extremely cheap prices. We both had 3 eggs, toast, hasbrowns/homefries, 3 slices of bacon (or sausage) and one iced tea and a coffee. Total came to 11.00. The eggs were cooked perfect. I asked for my bacon very well done, almost burned and it came out great.
Service was prompt and no one was left waiting in the entry area. Our waitress came around often to top up the coffee and iced tea. —KimBee

2007-08-30 10:48:32   This is a great diner. The restaurant has been remodeled and feels clean. Go there looking for diner food, pancakes, hamburgers, etc...

Its a great stop at 2am or the next morning. —MrRochester