Edward Pullman


Suspects.jpgThree suspects of the murder, pictured left to right: Fred Schultz, James McCormick, and "Big Ed" Kelly. c.1906 Edward Pullman was a constable and nightwatchman in Sodus who was murdered on March 23, 1906, while on duty.

Burglars broke into the G.K. Knapp Bank, a private bank in Sodus, by forcing open the back door. When Pullman saw them, he forced open the front door to stop them. Upon entering the bank, he was shot and killed by the burglars.

When daylight broke, and Pullman had not yet returned from his watch, a search was made, and he was found dead at the bank. It was found that the burglars had stolen two horses and a cutter. The suspects were later found on Mill Street in Rochester. Three men were arrested: Fred Schultz, James McCormick, and "Big Ed" Kelly. Kelly had two known aliases that he used: "Howard" and "Graham." Kelly escaped after being arrested and was never found.