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This page is for discussing the contents of Family Restaurants.

The suggestion is to remove most of the restaurants listed on the new family restaurant page from the Diners list and add the include to "family restaurant" to the Restaurants page with some rearrangements as shown.

Still need to figure out where to put Cheap Food


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2010-03-30 08:25:14   The late-night or after bar hours restaurants may need a category, within the diners, maybe also just note those places that have a low-cost menu option - but define "Cheap" better. Snacks vs. whole meals? —JackGreenky

2010-03-30 09:58:55   I created an Afterhours category for experimenting with JackGreenky's ask. Anyone have ideas, go to the Afterhours/Talk page for comments and suggestions. —BradMandell