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The Famous Dave's Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 16, 2009.

2006-11-24 15:16:47   Rib sampler is very good. Table waits can be up to 30 minutes, but the bar is pleasant. —MrPhil

2006-12-20 15:27:45   Food is just OK. Employees are vocally unhappy working there, and fight with each other in front of you. —JhirkFace

2007-01-18 03:03:24   This place has the best chicken tenders (with jalepeno dip) on earth...no lie. Also, you get about 4 sides which is really great. —RyGun

2007-06-02 20:25:03   All the side dishes are terrible. Brisket was fantastic. Very impressed by their wing sauce. EVERY SIDE IS TERRIBLE. —RorisonMeadows

2007-06-02 20:43:02   i recall the opposite... enjoying the sides and thinking the BBQ was so so considering we have Sticky Lips and Dinosaur... —JcPop

2007-09-17 20:49:51   Disappointing and expensive considering the quality. Mainly kids doing the cooking and service and they could care less. You're better off at Dinosaur or Merchant Street. Even Chili's and Zeb's have better tasting baby back ribs. —DebSlowe