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2008-12-14 16:30:42   I know we have yet to define some guidelines for what constitutes a famous person and what doesn't, but I'm pretty sure Christopher Bevins is not. I have an interest in men's tailored clothing, so it's likely if this fellow is famous, I would have heard of him. If anybody would like to make a claim that he is indeed famous, this is the place to do it —EastSideStephen

2008-12-14 16:43:00   I agree Stephen...there's no justification or reason on the page for him to be there. —PeteB

2020-07-26 00:16:47   Maud Humphrey, Humphrey Bogart’s mother, was a well known/famous painter. She is not on the list and I do not know how to add her. —SamOnions54