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My view on housing Guide...

The following is my idea for housing Guide.

  1. A Main page 'Housing Guide" that has some info, and links to 'Renting Guide' and 'Buying Guide'

  2. Renting Guide pretty much as-is, but it links to sub-sections 'Renting Guide/Landlords", or "Renting Guide/Cooperatives" or such things.

  3. On the top(or bottom) of each of the sub sections, is a chunk which is 'Other sections in Renting Guide'. For now this can be hand-entered, in the future it could be a macro.

(example of top of Renting Guide/Cooleratives)

Renting Guide/Cooperatives

Renting Guide Sections: Apartments : Landlords : Section Madness!

Renters Guide

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