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Proposal: CoOp Policy on Proposal Alteration

Purpose: To allow reasonable Proposal Modification during a CoOp voting meeting.

1) Each proposal will begin with a 'purpose' statement, which cannot be changed during it's lifetime. This allows people to absentee table or absentee object to an issue.

2) If during a meeting a proposal change is requested, it will happen as follows:

Proposal: Gridlock Extreme Override

Purpose: To provide a way to avoid a single member from blocking everything, or becoming a nusance to the decision making process by being non-cooperative.

If a proposal has been tabled or has been Majorly Objected twice in rather similar forms, the proposer can ask for a 'Gridlock Override' as follows.

Proposal: House Naming

Purpose: To make writing stuff about the house eaiser offically, and unoffically

1) I propose each Ant Hill Cooperative managed house have a unique name. 2) Since 960 and 972 S Plymouth Ave. are used as a single house, they together should be refered to as 'Ant House'.

Proposal: CoOpPolicy - House Position Kitchen Manager

The Kitchen manager is a house position. A house can accept General Members to be part of it's Foodshare at it's own discretion.

* Managing the Foodshare kitchen
* Managing other private kitchens,
* managing the purchasing and supply of foodstuffs,
* managing cooking related equipment.
* managing cooking tasks, to be equally distributed amoung Foodshare members
* Drawing up a Session Forecast Foodshare Budget with the Treasurer within a week of the start of the new 'housing session'.
* Collecting and compiling all recepts from Kitches/Foodshare purchaes to be turned over to the Treasurer for reembursement weekly on Sunday evenings.
* Collecting payment from Dinner guests, to be turned over to the treasurer weekly on Sunday.
* At the end of each month, with the treasurer's help, checking the last month's costs vs. budget, for the Treasurers record.

The Kitchen Manager will recieve proper credit for work done in the post when a workshare system is implemented. The kitchen manager can take