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gamecraze.jpgWebster Location on Main St GameCraze800.jpgFormer Irondequoit location - BradMandell

23 W Main St, Webster, NY 14580 [Directions]
1751 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14610 [Directions]
Hours (as of May 2023)
Monday-Saturday: 11:00AM - 8:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM - 5:00PM
585 872 2360 Webster
585 442 7970 East Ave
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Game Craze is a video game store with 2 locations in the Rochester Area. Their Webster location just recently opened in March 2009 on Main St.


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2009-04-10 02:37:02   Prices were pretty good on the use Zelda game I bought at the Webster location. You have to ask the clerk to get stuff because everything is behind the counters on shelves on the walls. —DamianKumor

2009-12-01 16:41:22   This review is for the Webster, NY location. I've been a customer of Game Craze for years, and Webster is a great new location. Staff are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile to help you find what you're looking for. They carry all merchandise video game related, both new and retro, DVD's, Blu-Ray's, TV Box Sets, etc. Great prices on Blu-Ray's and—get this—most DVD's are just $2.99! Highly recommended. —Eric

2010-11-28 18:26:38   Ever since I started coming to Game Craze's, I've stopped going to any other gaming store. The feeling of walking in and seeing merchandise going back as far as the Atari all the way up through the current generation of consoles, along with random oddities like Nintendo candy or the usual Mario "point" statue. Been very happy since they went into Eastview, use the location often for high trade-in value (higher than comparable stores such as Game Stop or FYE), and wide selection. —BenjaminAllen

2016-12-28 09:57:09   This is in regards to E Ridge Rd location: Didn't have a good experience, one of the employees lied to me when I purchased a Xbox One game on Christmas Eve. Prior to me purchasing the game I asked if my son already had the game if I could get my money back. He replied as long as you have a receipt. I checked and my son had the game. I returned 20 min later and was told, by the same employee I couldn't get a refund. When I reiterated what he had told me prior to purchasing the game. His response was "Oh well its your word against mine". I have been in the customer service business over 25 years and this was a first for me. I will NEVER do business with them again. —MaryGamble