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This page is for discussing the contents of Gil Coterie Academy.

Page originally created 2008-09-09 as [WWW]Gil Coterie by JohnQuinlivan, who was Associated Director of Gil Coterie Academy from June-December 2008 1

The page was deleted by someone using ArtsRoc on 2009-07-06 and at the same time someone from the same IP address ( listed Arts Roc on the Schools page. I suspect the person was trying to rename the page and did not know how to do it or how to restore a deleted page.

On the same day, PeteB reverted the page and renamed it to Arts Roc and performed an Admin Lock on the page.

I left the following message on PeteB's page

2010-01-26 21:05:15 Pete, I wanted to edit Arts Roc ([WWW] to take care of some Orphan Redirects with Gil Coterie ([WWW] and Gil Coterie Academy ([WWW], but the Page is Locked. I don't understand why it was locked or why it is still locked since July of last year???

The first graphic needs to be deleted (GC), the second graphic is over 300 and may belong to the original creator of the page and not be appropriate anymore. The hours need a fix, the website is no longer valid, and the category link is not valid. The page is only linked to from the Schools page.

Please let me know so I can proceed with the Orphan Redirect fix.

PS: I did a search and the only ArtsRoc is at [WWW][WWW] which is listed as a separate address and phone number than the page contains. Should we make the page back to Gil Coteri and make it CLOSED, then create a separat Arts Roc page???

PeteB responded on my User Page:

2010-01-26 23:31:15 The reason Artsroc was locked was because someone within the organization was making changes that were not accurate in terms of information and upset a number of higher-ups in the organization. I am personally involved with this organization-I volunteer for them. The person in the organization came to me and wanted the information corrected—which I did—and it was locked to avoid any further difficulty. I posted to the Googlegroup that noone touch the page except for me—and people agreed at that time to honor that request. I'll look at the changes you suggested (later this week-I'm slammed at work) and adjust them personally to avoid the conflict that occured before. I would ask you let me handle this since I have a personal involvement. —PeteB

His response did not make any sense to me. The changes to page content were made by PeteB alone. I and Alexander Gartley did renames and redirect actions.

As of Jan 28th Pete has not corrected or unlocked the page which is still quite incorrect.

I am still waiting to finish the Orphan Redirect fixes and to find out the facts of the change from Gil Coterie to Arts Roc and their move. Still want to know if the Gil Coterie Academy page should be Closed and the new, corrected Arts Roc page updated.

As I stated previously the Gil Coterie page is related to the ArtsRoc page. An unapproved member of their staff made changes to the Gil Coterie page. I was requested to rename and correct the info—which I did. I work with Lori Bajorek now and have been requested in that role to assume control of those pages for the organization. I had asked that no changes be made to either of those pages until I was in contact with Lori Bajorek (which would have been tmrw)....then I would've corrected everything and put it to our standards! Thanks for honoring that request.


3:23pm Update—Just spoke to Lori who said some changes do need to be made—she requests I handle the changes ONLY after going over details with her which I will do Friday when I meet with her. Please respect this request. I'm at work now—will not discuss this further today. Thank You

You have seriously misstated the facts. NO ONE but YOU made any changes to the Gil Coterie page - as I pointed out above, all the content of that page was created originally in Sep 2008 by the then Associate Director of Gil Coterie Academy. The only actions by Alexander or I had to do with renaming it to Gil Coterie Academy (Alexander) and my adding an adopt to the redirect making the new name not an orphan.

I have since taken appropriate action to document a link to the Info for Gil Coterie on the Gil Coterie Talk page and deleted the page so it is no longer both an Orphan Redirect and a bad redirect (double redirects do not work in RocWiki).

As I have stated earlier, I know of no rule that allows Admins to take personal control of any page for the purpose of satisfying any requirement other than the needs of RocWiki. The fact that you are taking such action and have a specific, now documented by you, conflict of interest would get you disciplined or fired from any business or professional organization. —BradMandell