Glady's Place

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171 Dr Samuell McCree Way, Rochester, NY 14611 [Directions]
Currently closed for move
585 328 8507
Wheelchair Accessible
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Glady's Place is a diner located in the Genesee-Jefferson/COTS area. Opened in another location by Bishop Sylvester and Gladys Burke, the restaurant specializes in soul food, especially chicken, ribs, turkey, fish, and the Burkes' legendary sweet potato pie. Although Sylvester passed away in 2008, and Gladys retired in 2016, ownership remains in the family and Gladys maintains an interest at the age of 95. The name of the restaurant has changed twice - it's now officially The Sweet Potato Pie Place - but the "Glady's Place" signage remains. Currently closed to move to the corner of Glide and Maple Streets, with a planned reopening on October 15 2020.1


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2006-11-29 23:35:38   I've called 3x to get hours and noone answers —PeteB

2007-06-28 17:08:04   The Sweet Potato Pies are the BEST in the town, if you know like I know you better get there early, at least before 2-3 p.m. I just go there for one thing, but they have food too but them pies is mouthwatering and down home. —PrincessDivine