Gleason Works

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1000 University Ave., Rochester NY, 14692-2970 [Directions]
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585 473 1000 / 585 461 4348

Gleason Works was the original name of what is today the [wikipedia]Gleason Corporation, a manufacturer of highly specialized gear manufacturing (machining) equipment. The company was founded by Irish immigrant William Gleason in 1865. Gleason's daughter, [wikipedia]Kate Gleason, was a "engineer and businesswoman known both for being a revolutionary in the predominantly male field of engineering and for her philanthropy."1

Gleason equipment is used to manufacture a variety of gears especially for the automotive industry, for example in transmissions and differentials. The equipment is capable of cutting gear teeth that are extremely precise, and operates at a very high rate of speed allowing efficient production of precision components.

See [WWW]Gleason Works History on the companies website for more details.


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