Golden Corral

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450 Jefferson Road, Rochester New York 14623 [Directions]
Hours (as of June 2013)
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585 466 4683
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Golden Corral is an American-based, all-you-can-eat national chain buffet-style restaurant. They also offer catering.

The Henrietta location is in a stand alone building in Jefferson Plaza and opened on June 7th, 2013.


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2013-06-26 12:54:27   This was my first time at a GC and I can say that I won't be going back. While I can admit there are many food options, the service was horrible. We had stacked dishes on our table, empty glasses and our "server" did not come by even once. Hard to believe? It was hard to watch all of the other tables get drinks and cleared plates except for ours. My favorite part was when the person who introduced himself to the table behind us as the manager sat down and got to know the party for about 25 minutes instead of asking tables if they needed anything. I remember the manager sat down and said to the family, "I heard you don't speak English very well." The server's family was in town, which is why the manager walked over to them and sat down in their booth while it was dinner time with lines waiting outside. The manager proceeded to tell the family places to check out while in town and reminded them that it snows. Back to the server, I certainly couldn't tip the person since after 1 plate of food and 1 dessert plate I never even met them. I can understand that GC is new and that they are working out the kinks yet as other people have said to. But, I cannot understand a server never coming by, never filling glasses of water and never taking dirty dishes. You simply cannot justify NO service. And I sat back completely surprised that other tables were being waited on. The food itself wasn't great and I think about $13 is a little much for popcorn shrimp. The interesting part is that you get your own drinks when you walk in. While it was somewhat odd, I didn't see a problem with it. But, then I thought about things. If I hadn't gotten my own drink at the very beginning, I would have never had anything to drink for the entire meal. $26 down the drain. —SRB

2013-07-01 11:14:52   We tried the Golden Corral last week (June 21st). we have eaten at GC in southern states and usually found them clean and you can get a decent meal. This is not the case of the Rochester Corral. To start there was a fairly long line stretching outside the entrance which was caused by there being only one cashier on duty. There was another person on the other cash register, but he seemed to be having a very long conversation with another employee and was not interested in working. Once we were seated we had to ask for napkins to clean the table and chairs. Looks like someone had wiped them with a very greasy cloth and left pieces of food all over.

I think this restaurant takes its name Corral to heart, it looks like a lot of pigs were running around inside. When we went to the food line, we had to watch where we were walking since there was food all over the floor. One guy came out, swept up a couple of things and then went back to the kitchen. The regular entrees were OK, but a lot of the steam trays were empty or had just a bit of leftovers. I wanted to get fried potatoes and the tray was empty, asked one of the staff if they could get some and was told that it would take about ten minutes. (Maybe they had to peel the potatoes?) My wife likes to go to the salad bar. Well this one was very poor, lettuce was old and the rest of the bar was very messy. The dessert area was a total mess, cakes were squashed and the pies on the counter only had the bottom crust left. On a scale of 1 to 10 the Golden Corral gets a 1. Across the street from GC there is a Chinese buffet, much better than the corral.