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600 Fishers Run, Fishers, NY 14453 [Directions]
800 821 0086
<info AT gorbel DOT com>

Gorbel® provides a wide variety of overhead handling solutions that handle loads from 50 lbs. up to 40 tons. Work station crane systems include ceiling mounted bridge cranes and monorails, free standing work station bridge cranes, Cleveland Tramrail® patented track systems, Tarca® systems, work station jibs, and articulating jib cranes. New additions to the product line include gantry cranes, light capacity jibs (Pivot Pro™), Tool Solution Jibs and Intelligent Assist Devices (G-Force® and Easy Arm™). The firm is also a manufacturer of high-performance manual and motorized I-beam jib cranes.

Gorbel also manufactures and markets a lightweight, easily installed crane system designed for home and light commercial use, knows as their "Shop Crane" line, which can be seen at the website [WWW]http://www.shopcrane.com.


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