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The Great Northern Pizza Kitchens Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 27, 2009.

2006-12-13 10:36:45   Great Northern Pizza is the only place in Rochester for a quick, cheep meal that I am consistently happy with. The by-the-slice selection is always vast and interesting and the employees are helpful (12 Corners location). There are a fair number of vegetarian options, and the salads are excellent. —EllenKelsey

2007-01-28 20:54:38   Their pizzas are pretty crazy and untraditional, but I love them. A really great variety of all kinds of things you'd never think to put on a pizza. My favorites are the ravioli, Country Sweet, and either of the buffalo wing styles. Pretty delicious in my opinion. —MisterElkington

2007-10-09 16:55:26   They have mac & cheese pizza here! That's crazy! —SaraChristine

2007-10-18 12:45:07   Wonderful variety of items and the quality is consistent at both locations. Kids love the Mac & Cheese pizza, too! —JhirkFace

2007-11-10 15:28:18   This is my favorite pizza place. If only they delivered to my house! They always have a great selection of gourmet slices, so my husband and I can go there and get four slices and end up sampling all four of them. I love their sauced up Buffalo. They have wonderful soups and salads. They have something for everyone and the service is consistently wonderful and fast. —CatMagro