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OK. The Groop Ltd.had a 45 out in June of 1964 or 1965 , can't remember the year. The songs ( both sides ) were number one on WBBF for almost a month. How could you miss that ? The songs are titled " As Time Goes By " and " Tomorrow " the two songs were recorded live with just a trio. Kerim Capli who wrote both songs and sang lead on both song. Jake Gerber played guitar ( Acoustic on " As Time Goes By " and electric on " Tomorrow " ) and sang the harmony . Russell Schaad played bass guitar. One must remember,there were NO overdubs ,hence a one track studio with I believe six microphones. It was totally live and recorded both songs in an hour.
The Groop Ltd. is featured in a new documentary called " Blue " This was produced in Istanbul,Turkey. Kerim was Turkish and after the band split up, went and played with the " Heard " another band that had a recirculated out in 1965, yet you don't mention them either. After that Kerim played with the Sundowners and were the Monkees opening act in 1967 along with Jimi Hendrix ! How the hell could you miss all this.
Jake became a staff writer for Mercury Records in Los Angeles and did session work on guitar and bass.
As the documentary was just released in Seattle I ( Jake Gerber ) was invited to the premiere last week. I spoke to the audience after the film about Kerim ( RIP ) .
Kerim wax the most innately gifted musician to ever come out of Rochester,and that's saying something . I was just invited to fly to New York for the premier of the film on Dec.3,2017.
The producers and filmmakers flew from Istanbul to interview me here at my home last winter ( San Francisco ) hence I'm in the film giving a narrative to Kerims life in upstate New York ( Rochester ).
If the film makers had it right, they would premiere the film in Rochester,where I've been written up quite often in the past fifty years. You may want to check out Feb.14,1971 issues of your local Sunday Democrat and Chrinicle.
The Groop Ltd. was a Beatles cover band, the first one in Rochester.
Then the Quirks came along in I believe 1965, good band.
We also opened for the British acts at the Auditorium Theatre in 64/65 after our record came out.
You can just google " As Time Goes By " by the Groop Ltd. " and hear the no frills record. I'll try to enclose pix of the record label.
Cheers from SF