Help On Headlines


#pragma section-numbers on

Section Headings

You can create headings by starting and ending a line with up to five equal signs. The heading text is between those markers, separated by a single space.

Headings can be automatically numbered, you can enable this by putting #pragma section-numbers on as the first line of the page.

For more information on the possible markup, see Help On Editing.


 = Heading =
 == Subheading ==
 === Level 3 ===
 ==== Level 4 ====
 ===== Level 5 =====


Note that proper section numbering requires you to order sections according to a valid structure, i.e. correctly nested. Our sample doesn't do this, so you get a different numbering scheme than you might expect.

You'll want to use the biggest header, = Big one =, for creating your initial sections then smaller headers for sub-sections, accordingly.

To indent a headline just but a space (or multiple spaces) in front of it:

 == indented ==

== not indented ==

displays as:

not indented

This is useful for organizing headers. The more spaces you put in front of a headline the more it's indented.