Help On Linking


  1. How to make links
    1. Simple Rule
    2. Pages inside the wiki
  2. URLs and Inline Images
    1. Example
    2. Display
  3. How to redirect a page
  4. When to make links to non-existent pages
  5. Advanced Users

How to make links

Simple Rule

For pages inside the wiki, use brackets with quotes. For pages outside the wiki, use brackets without quotes.

Pages inside the wiki

If you enclose a sequence of characters in square brackets and double quotes ["like this"], that makes it a page name. To have it display with alternative text, write it ["like this" with the display stuff here].

URLs and Inline Images

There are several ways to insert external references1 into the text:

If you enter URLs into normal text, there is the problem of detecting what belongs to the URL and what not. There are four ways to force the ending of an URL:

The supported URL schemes are: `http`, `https`, `ftp`, `nntp`, `news`, `mailto`, `telnet`, and `file`.


 * []
 * [ Davis Wiki - The best place on the Internet]
 * []
 * [ our old logo]
 * ["A Page In The Wiki"]
 * ["A Page In The Wiki" blah blah]
 * [#anchorname Anchor Link]


How to redirect a page

To have a page redirect to another page, simply put the line:

#redirect A Page In The Wiki

as the first line of the page you want to redirect to A Page In The Wiki. So putting that line in any page, at the top, will make that page redirect to A Page In The Wiki.

When to make links to non-existent pages

Link to a (non-existent) page only when you think it would be a good page for us to have here. Links should be made to places where useful information could go. It's okay to have links to nowhere, but links should be kept reasonable.

So, when you make a page, say Central Park, you should do a search to see what pages refer to "central park". Then change the links on those pages appropriately and reasonably. This means that you should just use words like "park" liberally and without linking them if the place doesn't exist yet.

If the place does exist, then it's your call whether to link to it when you refer to it.

Advanced Users

If you feel like you understand wiki editing fairly well, you might want to use InterWiki Linking to link to other wikis with. It gives you a cool wiki community icon, and leads people to other wiki community projects.