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233 Laurelton Rd, Rochester, NY 14609 [Directions]
585 288 2277
800 303 6100
<quote AT implino DOT com>

Imperial Limousine is a limo service specializing in wine tours and weddings.


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2009-01-04 13:01:31   Do not under any circumstances even consider VRA Imperial Limousine. They could ruin your event, like they did our wine tour. First off, the driver didn’t have a copy of our itinerary when he picked us up, even though I’d sent it to VRA weeks earlier. Luckily I had an extra copy, which I gave the driver. But the driver apparently didn’t know how to use the car’s GPS navigation system or how to read a map, and he went the wrong way to the first winery, driving us 20 minutes out of our way. After we finished at the first winery, the driver claimed he knew where he was going, but yet he went in the entire wrong direction again, taking us all the way to Auburn! This wasted about 40 more minutes of our time. All told, approximately 1 hour of our tour was wasted due to our driver not knowing where he was going. So I called VRA’s owner requesting a quite reasonable $50 refund for the wasted hour. But the owner, Enzo, consistently interrupted me as I tried to describe what had happened, presenting me with an array of nonsensical excuses. I continued to attempt to politely state our case, but Enzo began yelling, and apparently having run out of excuses, he actually had the nerve to hang up the phone on me! I contacted the Better Business Bureau, but Enzo never responded to their requests for comment. —AJH

2010-06-09 12:21:59   I am surprised to hear the previous review about Imperial Limousine. I have used them for years on wine tours and my daughter's school events. Wonderful service and I could not be more pleased. I made the mistake in hiring another company once because Imperial was booked that day. What a mistake! I forgot my camera in the limousine and they kept it. Said they never found it. Driver had no personality either. More limousine drivers should be like the owner, Enzo. He is so helpful and courteous. All my referrals for Imperial have also been very pleased. AJH must have had an isolated incident. —JBIrish

2015-05-28 21:29:38   We've used Imperial several times over the past two years. We have always been happy with Enzo and his staff's service. —KenDens