Jesus Tree


jesustree.jpgCan you see our Lord and Savior?

Jesus has appeared on a tree in front of a Rochester business. Some have said that a silver maple that sits on the lawn of the Hickey-Freeman Co. factory (1155 N. Clinton Ave.) has the likeness of the one they call Christ.

Jim Holtz of Greece first noticed the likeness when he was exiting the pawn brokers across the street.

An ameteur Mockumentary on the Jesus Tree, "Gone Jesusin" Made by two Rochestarians can be found [WWW]here, on YouTube. or [WWW]here, on Google Video.

You can also read more about it in this [WWW]WorldNewsDaily article

Have you seen the Jesus?

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2005-10-31 20:27:44   Is it like one of the magic eye things? I don't see it... —TomKaminski

2005-10-31 20:29:12   I would like to note that after staring at the tree for about twenty minutes, I saw something like jesus, or what I've been told jesus looks like, and a number of other stunning facial features. A friend who I was with claims to have seen the devil in the tree also. Personally, i think it is a homeless person, but I suck at [WWW]that gameRossHattori

2005-11-02 06:10:16   It looks like a Picasso portrait to me. —TomMaszerowski