Jim 'The Hammer' Shapiro


shapiro.jpgThe Hammer

Jim 'The Hammer' Shapiro may one day prove to be the greatest man to have ever walked the streets of our fair and humble city1. That he was found guilty of false advertising, malpractice, and was ultimately suspended for related offenses amounts to little more than a collection of trivial details in the face of the greater truth of his story: Jim 'The Hammer' Shapiro brought light and hope to untold thousands through the sublime radiance of his manic zeal, broadcast out to the citizens of Rochester on a daily basis to change their lives forever through an expanded apprecition of the nuance, depth, and spiritual catharsis made possible through local television advertisement.

Not to be confused with: Jimmy 'The Hammer' Massaro


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2005-08-09 17:31:38   Interestingly, I visited Ottawa (up in Canuckistan) a few years ago. All of the US broadcast networks on cable there are satellite feeds of Rochester stations, commercials and everything. Is it any wonder the Canadian government thinks Americans are fucked in the head? —RyanTucker

2006-09-22 19:42:50   This guy is so over the top, the commercials are outright funny. He took the loud salesman commercials of the 70s and turned them into lawyer ad, both genius and annoying. —TravisOwens

2006-09-22 20:09:38   The "rare video" is not a good link—anyone have a good link for it? —PeteB

2007-05-22 14:52:42   I saw these ads when I first moved to Rochester in 2000 and thought to myself "WHAT kind of place am I living in?" They don't have no stuff like this in Georgia! —PamKincheloe

2007-07-10 16:01:54   I will never forget, 546-7777. In fact, I just called it on a lark. The phone was answered "law offices." It would seem "The Hammer" lives on. —RocGirl

2008-05-26 07:27:29   Ottawa switched to using tv stations from Detroit in 2003, but your comment still applies!! —savemelater

2010-12-06 08:55:33   I miss this guy. Are you listening, Cellino? Barnes? —BatGuano