Jim Alesi

Birth name Aliases
James S. Alesi "Jim"
Birth date Birth place
1948 Info Needed
Political Career
2012-1996: NY State Senate
1996-1992: NY State Assembly
1992-1989: Monroe County Legislator

Jim Alesi was a politician representing the 55th district in the NYS State Senate.

In January 2008, Alesi illegally entered an unfinished Perinton home, claiming he believed the house was for sale, and broke his leg while climbing a ladder. The owners and builder declined to press charges for trespassing. On January 18, 2011, the same day the statute of limitations for any potential trespassing charges expired, Alesi filed a lawsuit against the owners and the builder alleging an unsafe environment at the home site After criticism from members of the public and other Republicans, Alesi withdrew the lawsuit.

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