K-9 Dog Training and Boarding Kennel

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224 Payne Beach Road, Hilton, New York [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2010)
Private Appointments Only (Preset AM & PM Pick-up & Drop-off times for kennel)
585 647 1310

K-9 Dog Training and Boarding Kennel was established in 1956 and is presently managed by Linda Hill. It is open seven days a week and provides regular boarding services as well as obedience training. Among the offered services are: dog evaluations & consultations, private puppy classes, behavior modification, and a two-week board-to-train.

K-9 is located on Payne Beach Road, roughly two blocks south of the Lake Ontario State Parkway, about a ten minute drive from Charlotte.


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2010-01-04 16:52:28   I have boarded my dog at K9 for almost a decade. He, and his much younger step-brother, seem to enjoy the time they have spent there. Linda is very professional and trustworthy.

K-9 is a bit of a drive from the east side of Rochester, but it hasn't been too much of a problem really. —Snowbag