Karen FitzMaurice-Camp


Karen is a local artist who mostly paints, but also sculpts and dabbles in a host other media. Her work can be viewed at a host of local galleries:
* Little Theater [WWW]http://www.little-theatre.com,
* Gallery Spa [WWW]http://www.galleryhair.com,
* The Century Club [WWW]http://www.centuryclubofrochester.org,
* Venice Rosetta Gallery [WWW]http://www.mariocarlenius.com
* etc.

or on the web at [WWW]http://www.MuthersonArt.com.

Karen's Artist Statement:

Being able to express myself and tell a little story with paint is very fulfilling to me. I consider my art to be light-hearted, colorful, with a narrative humor. I get pleasure from having other people want to look at this expression of communication through paint. My childlike manner of painting has always been compared to Mattise's style.

I put paint directly on the canvas with just an idea in my head and maybe a preliminary sketch on paper. I use all manners of materials, liking oils the best because of the fluidness and wonderful way of mixing chemically to surprise me with its outcome of different shades.

I have a series of paintings that I call "Dot-to-Dot Paintings." These are primitive paintings indicative of indigenous people in Australia. They are usually colorful with maps being the usual inspiration for these paintings. Having traveled to Europe a few times, I have been influenced by the colorful innocense and look of Ireland and other European countries. Caribbean travels have given me a chance to experience life in hot climates with hot colors and pastels, and observe the different degrees in the way of living, from very rich to very poor.

As an artist, I am always trying to get what is inside of me out on canvas. At 58 years of age, I have experienced a lot in life. Sometimes I feel a need to surround myself in art to get me going. That is when I will paint for months. Other times, I will have dry spells for months. I also have a need for competition. If I can paint surrounded by other people, I feel good. Isolation is another way I can have good paint days. I try to express a flow of thought through imagery from the unconscious to the canvas. If people enjoy this trip with me through my art, I am pleased.