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Due to concerns over comments posted in 2007, the Admins have decided to move the comments involved to this page.

2007-05-24 15:55:05 We booked a baby shower here and when we showed up the staff all had this look of shock on their face b/c they had no idea a party was scheduled b/c the owner had doubled booked us even though we had called and confirmed with her two days prior. So the owner set about fifteen of us up at a few tables in the middle of a crowded room. It was very embarassing and I would never recommend La Tea Da for a party of any sort. —ErinBrand

2007-10-13 12:16:45 I am a former employee of La-Tea-Da and the professionalism of this business leaves much to be desired. During my short time there, the owner bounced checks, could not commit to working hours, and asked for the return of tips from previous weeks if she deemed service (which she did not witness) "unsatisfactory". I am shocked that the place is still in business. I personally, will never go back. —AllisonStickles

2008-06-07 07:08:38 After looking at these negative reviews of which one is completely untrue I am first wondering how long this community keeps them up.I feel very bad about the small shower which expected me to close a room for them, but they were not large enough to do so. as far as the second comment it is just a disgruntled employee who did not do her job, was asked to return her tip by the customer and was actually going to get legal with the customer for a $27.00 tip. she needed to leave asap. I realized she hadno clue about customer service. The rest is her venom and untrue . —maureenbecker


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