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2007-09-28 20:03:36   Interestingly the website says opening in October and there's a hand painted banner up at Legends that says "Opening October 2nd."

My wife and I ate there once and really enjoyed the meal. —MattBernius

2007-10-19 17:01:33   My husband and I went to Legends last night for dinner (post-remodel) and were very disappointed. While the entrees we ordered were good (rack of lamb) and adequate (Chicken Fra Diavolo), nothing on the short menu really excited us. We missed our old favorites like the Garlic Chicken and Seafood Napoleon. But the worst part was the new decor. The style is very cold. There are too many hard surfaces (the hardwood floor was not a good choice and it needs a rug!) so the room is noisy, and it was a confusing blend of Tuscan farmhouse decorations (rustic was not what we were expecting or looking for), with Caribbean-style music. At the least a tablecloth might have made us feel more as if we were in an environment where high cuisine is served. I am sorry to say that we will not be eating there again. I can make linguini with shrimp and peppers at home for a lot less than $18.95, or eat out somewhere truly interesting like Black & Blue. —EverythingShines