Lewis A. Swift


Lewis Swift.jpgLewis Swift, (From: [WWW]Wikipedia)

Lewis A. Swift
Birth date Birth place
February 29, 1820 Clarkson, NY
Date of death Place of death
January 5, 1913

Known for
Astronomical Discoveries
Hardware Store Owner

Lewis A. Smith, a noteworthy resident of the Rochester area, was a talented astronomer, who in his lifetime made the discovery of thirteen comets, and mapped the location of approximately 1200 nebulae. Swift discovered or co-discovered periodic comets 11P/Tempel-Swift-LINEAR, 64P/Swift-Gehrels, and 109P/Swift-Tuttle, as well as comets C/1877 G2, C/1878 N1, C/1879 M1, C/1881 J1, C/1881 W1, C/1892 E1, C/1896 G1 and C/1899 E1, and D/1895 Q1 (a.k.a. D/Swift, the debris stream of which was probably encountered by [WWW]Mariner 4 on September 15, 1967. Swift co-discovered C1883 D1 (Brooks-Swift).

In 1882, Hulbert Harrington Warner, patron of Swift's astronomy, financed the building of the [WWW]Warner Observatory. Swift used the observatory to investigate comets and nebulae. On Tuesday and Friday evenings, Swift opened the observatory to the public for the price of a 25 cent ticket, purchased from Warner's Patent Medicine Store.


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