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This page is for discussing the contents of Local Spelling Words.

The words contained on the base page are used by the Spell Checker when the user clicks on the Check Spelling button while editing a page. The words are case sensitive, so website and Website are different. The list is processed as words separated by blanks and/or newlines so the order does not matter.

The Spell Checker operates on the preview text, so underlying syntax is not checked except where it appears in a RAW segment within the text.

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Ryan added comments at the beginning and added a Automatic Added Hdr at the bottom.

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2009-12-20 16:57:35   Posted in Google Groups

I noted that someone updated this file recently and that it appeared to be a list of words to add to spellchecking dictionary. I could not find any documentation for the file however.

I noted a number of WikiSpot wikis have a similarly named file. Anyone have any input on this file and its use. I made a trial attempt at editing with IE and FireFox and the words in the file come up as spelling errors in FireFox but nothing in IE. Of course nothing came up spell checked in my IE on Windows 7

I found a "persdict.dat" file in my Mozilla profile area that you can edit when FireFox not running or right click on a misspelled word in a FIreFox edit dialog and "add it" to the dictionary.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

Perhaps this page should have a list of possible suggested words folks might like to personally add to their spell checker dictionary on their system???

2009-12-25 13:55   Posted in Google Groups

And as far as Local Spelling Words formatting goes, it goes a little
something like this:

def _loadWordsString(text=raw_contents_of_Local_Spelling_Words):

In other words, it goes through each line, finds each word that's
separated by whitespace, and then adds it to the list. So, it doesn't
care at all, really, as long as there's some sort of space between the
words :-) -rt —RyanTucker