Lock Jumping


Lock jumping is a phenomenon with many communities along the Barge Canal.

Kids like to jump off the Railroad Trestles into the Canal—the problem lies in the cement posts that jut out of the water and have been the source of many accidents and injuries.

Also known as "Trestle Jumping" or "Scum-Jumping".


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2006-07-11 09:05:41   I think almost everyone in Rochester "knows someone who knows someone" whose father jumped from a lock into the water and plunged into a decomposing cow submerged under the water. A Rochester Folk Tale? —BadFish

2008-05-06 13:07:00   It very well may be a Rochester (area) Folk Tale - I used to jump off the lock by the Gillett Road bridge in Spencerport in the late 1950's, and word was that it had happened to a town kid jumping off the Martha Street bridge. —JohnWalter

2013-09-21 09:46:11   Long before the tow path was frequented by strollers, joggers and bikes. Scum jumping was a rite of passage for all kids growing up along the canal in the 70's. All parents forbade their children from doing it......so of course every kid wanted to do it. —JamesMillard