Lost Rochester Bands/Easy Street


Easy Street, a Lost Rochester Bands from the early 1970s, was a cover band that played frequently at Tim's Tavern in Gates.

Well, Easy Street was the most popular band in western New York at that time boasting a following from Buffalo to the 1000 Islands. People couldn't get enough of the band compelling them to maintain a grueling schedule with the band performing six and seven nights a week. Louie Fusilli sang lead vocals and played flute and sax. Fran Russo was the original singer but was replaced by Joanne Ferrante after she had to leave the band. Bill Turchetti on guitar, Howie Goldwasser on bass, Don Rivoli on drums and Frank Ardino on keyboards. Frank's father Rocky acted as the bands manager.

Joanne moved to Texas in the early 70's. Bill passed away in 1994. Original singer Connie Russo has also passed away several years ago. Don Rivoli has retired from music and Frank Ardino was active for many years in bands such as the Power Company. Louie Fusiili went on to play in several show bands traveling the world and has since retired from the active music scene. Howard remains active and still plays bass in local bands. Howard worked with Bill, until Bill's passing, on many projects after Easy Street. He has worked with bands such as Rochester Brass & Electric, The Dynamics, Midnight Groove, Center Stage and Shinbone Alley and many, many others. Howard says that "being in Easy Street was one of the best experiences in my life-I'm really proud that we made a lot of people happy with our music." 1


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2010-06-15 07:58:36   Connie Russo has passed away. —HowardGoldwasser

2011-04-17 20:45:44   Lead guitarist, Bill Turchetti who will always be sadly missed, also played in the second version of "Masquerade". The band which formed in 1977, also consisted of Lex Byers- lead vocalist, Rich Fiordeliso- Hammond B3, Joe Pelliccia- bass, and Frank Anselmo- drums. The band played mostly disco music which was a big money maker in that era. The first "Masquerade" was a 6 piece horn band with members: Lex Byers- lead vocalist, Rein Brucker- drums & vocals, Rich Fiordeliso- Hammond B3, Marty Doren/ Gary Cummings- bass, Mark Heberger- trumpet, and David Mitchell- Trombone. —RichFiordeliso

2018-06-04 12:49:40   Hello Howie. When did the Band turn into Illusion and who was Heidi that was the female singer. She was GREAT! And I think she married Louie and they performed the night of their wedding at the Ramada Inn. —CathyNealon