Monroe Ambulance

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318 Smith Street, Rochester, NY 14608 [Directions]
Hours (as of September 2007)
Monday - Friday: 8:00pm-5:00pm
Phone Numbers
Administration: 585 454-6215
Emergency: 585 232-9000
Schedule Rides: 454-6211

From their website:

"Monroe Ambulance is dedicated to medical services and education. We maintain a commitment to excellence in the delivery of responsible, professional, caring and affordable service.

Monroe Ambulance provides Advanced Life Support with area volunteer ambulance and fire departments, ensuring that patients who live in outlying areas have access to all of our life saving paramedic services. This includes back-up Advanced Life Support to area volunteer agencies, fire departments, and ambulance corps.

We provide medically supervised transports for patients needing transport with minimal assistance (i.e., patients able to move, sit, and walk on their own with slight assistance, such as those traveling home from same day surgery)."


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