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2007-11-01 20:58:02   Dear GOP, Thanks for [WWW]the completely ignorant mailing about the ID for Illegals issue. I had no idea that every immigrant is a terrorist now! I mean, historically, immigration into America has typically been people who love this country and want to make a better life for themselves. This eye-opening flyer showed me that it's not true. But seriously, it's amusing to see the local Republicans indirectly bashing their own party. The flyer bashes Democrats for an idea created by Republicans at the federal level. Brilliant. I wonder how they plan to shoot their other foot? —Matt

2007-11-01 22:03:49   I have to admit, the pasty white guy in the keffiyeh glaring at readers in the ID photo was pretty hilarious. —JonRobins

2007-11-02 13:26:53   Matt - Your logic is flawed. There is not a legal ID program for ILLEGAL immigrants at the federal level. get your facts straight. —BadFish

2007-11-02 18:40:05   Correct, there's no federal program - I didn't say there was. The idea of ID for illegals has been promoted by the Bush Administration for years - they even [WWW]wanted to give legal status to illegal immigrants. From my understanding, the three-tiered NYS program won't actually change immigrants' legal status, and their ID's will be [WWW]clearly marked as not being valid federal identification. The flyer falsely claims that the illegals' licenses will look "exactly like yours and mine", and that "illegals could even get welfare benefits."

Even if you agree with the message, the tactics are still tasteless and underhanded. It's even insulting to Republican voters - the GOP is counting on a knee-jerk reaction to images and speculation, from a public too apathetic to check the facts. If the Democrats sent out a flyer like this, I'd bash them just the same. —McgMatt