Mooseberry Cafe

513 W Union St, Newark, NY 14513, in the Cannery Row Mall
Hours (as of May 2017 per website)
Monday – Friday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM to 2:00PM
Sunday: Usually Closed (see website for special hours)
585 348 9022
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed

Mooseberry Cafe is a cafe in Newark offering organic and gluten-free desserts, pastries and fair-trade organic coffee. It is part of the Mooseberry Soap Company in the same location. In 2017 they moved from their Penfield location to the Cannery Row Mall in Newark.

It opened in September of 2011.


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2013-02-16 23:52:56   Had a groupon. Decor was cute - living-room shabby nature chic - as were the soaps available for sale; nice Iron & Wine-esque music in the background. BUT: coffee was sweetened for us, and oversweeted; food, though all vegan/veggie-friendly, was INCREDIBLY greasy and we left feeling ill. Had high hopes for this place, but will not return. Not worth the drive out of Rochester. —LH