Mount Pleasant Park Park

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8 Mt Pleasant Park, Rochester, NY 14608 [Directions]

Buried on a side-street in the Plymouth-Exchange Neighborhood, Mount Pleasant Park Park is an empty lot that has been turned into a garden by two ladies living on the street. It's a beautiful space, and it's a real contrast to the tear-down and empty houses that dot the area. Despite the problems, there are a lot of people in the area that put a lot of love into their neighborhood.

Mt. Pleasant park is a one block-long, one-way side street off South Plymouth. This garden is one of those little out-of-the way gems around the city.


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2008-12-15 00:16:04   I lived at 11 Mt. Pleasant Pk. from 1948 (age 4) till I went into the Navy in 1964. The "Back Hills" between Cottage St. and the river was a wonder playground. A trip across the river provided us with a great baseball field. After my brother's death in 1984 I sold the house. I am still in Hesperia Ca. now retired. Gene Highmoor —GeneHighmoor

2012-04-14 17:31:22   A neat little hideaway. The neighborhood between Exchange and the Genesee River is a pretty cool place. Nice and quiet with some neat houses. —EileenF