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2005-03-18 17:07:50   The only reasons to go to Mt. Hope diner are the following: you are very hungry and would probably eat cardboard if it was nutritious; you are almost broke and happen to live within walking distance of the diner; and you don’t mind having your health jeopardized for a few days. All in all, go to Mt. Hope only if you have to abandon all other options. -VijaySookdeo

2005-03-18 17:45:11   Other diners cost more, but the food is the same. Mt.Hope is one of my favorites. -TobinFricke

2005-03-19 18:49:58   It's very cheap. It's close to campus. The staff is friendly. The food is shit. - RyahDahl

2005-03-20 22:09:02   It used to be a good place to study in the afternoon with a bottomless cup of coffee, but then they had the bright idea of putting in televisions. Everything there tastes the same, from the pancakes to the hamburgers. -MicahMilinovich

2005-09-21 19:58:58   Everything tastes good with enough hot sauce or salt. —JayUnnikrishnan

2005-10-29 08:45:49   Our extended family eats at the Mount Hope Diner every Sunday. We enjoy the food and we enjoy the atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful and on Sunday mornings we enjoy seeing other family groups getting together. It's a great contribution to the Rochester scene. And they've now included a book exchange, so you can bring a book and take a book. —MarjorieSearl

2005-11-26 15:06:12   Mt Hope is the best place for breakfast, and the waitresses are very nice —JustCurran

2005-12-07 15:25:33   Mt Hope Diner is OK- especially for the price. Their restrooms are fairly clean and salds are fresh. —RobertNobles

2005-12-07 15:58:12   Last time I ate there for breakfast, I ended up with nausea and heartburn for the rest of the day. I'll only go back if I somehow develop an iron stomach. —JonPetruccelli

2006-01-25 10:41:09   great place for a weekend morning. —JcPop

2006-08-11 13:57:02   I drove by recently and they are closed for remodeling until mid August! —JcPop

2007-12-08 11:21:30   I agree with VijaySookdeo's comment. No reason to go here unless you're really hungry.

I would never pay real money to eat here. I use Flex every time I go, and sometimes I don't even want to pay flex for here.

They don't use real butter on the toast, which drives me nuts because I hate the margarine or whatever they put on there. The pancakes aren't good. Just don't get them. The eggs are okay, but how could you screw up eggs?

The wait staff is very good. I would say that's the diner's best quality. —RochesterCalifornia