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Cassette recording culture, 17 releases worldwide including compilations, on "State of the Union" a Billboard pick of the week

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This article is for a Lost Band from Rochester.

Hello there! My name is Bob Bartz, bassist/vocalist from Nosferatu. First, I want to say thanks for all those that created this page and added all the information on all the band from Rochester's past. What a treat it is to see some old names and relive some old memories.

Nosferatu was a band I was in from July 1989 until August of 1992. The original lineup from its inception until December 1990 was:

Carl Bern - Lead Vocals
Tait Halverson - Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Kevin Welch - Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Bob Bartz - Bass/Backing Vocals
Chris Beck - Drums

The lineup from January 1991 until August 1992 was:

Tait Halverson - Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Lead and Backing Vocals
Kevin Welch - Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Bob Bartz - Bass/Lead and Backing Vocals
Chris Beck - Drums

We started out playing covers, as most bands do, influenced by the thrash metal bands of the late 80s such as Megadeth, Anthrax and Sepultura. Eventually we wrote enough material to become an all original band consisting of about fifteen original songs by the end of our run. Mostly we were openers for bands like Matrikhore, Abberation, Divination, and other metal bands on the scene around that time. Backstreets and Club X were the two big venues where we performed (I know some of you remember THOSE places!).

After our high school graduation in 1992, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA with my family. After college, I played bass and recorded a CD with the local band [WWW]Order Of Nine in 1999 (they were called Templar back then). In 2000, I moved to Columbus, Ohio. Since moving here, I help found the local rock band [WWW]Full Throttle (guitar/lead vocals) and performed in a Rush tribute band called Solar Federation (guitar/vocals). Currently I am the guitarist/vocalist in the local band [WWW]Mach Five and the bassist/vocalist in the local band [WWW]Some Random People.

As for the rest of the band, Chris moved to Albany after college in the late 1990s and joined the local band [WWW]The Refrigerators (trombone/vocals). Tait lived in [ithaca]Ithaca during the time of the band's existence and lived there afterward attending college. He was the lead singer for the local band DIRTUNDERgOD in the mid 1990s and recorded three solo releases from 1996-2000. You can find more information [WWW]here. Kevin moved to Wilmington, North Carolina with his family in the late 1990s. I last saw him in 2001 and though he wasn't in a band he was still playing guitar on his own. Unfortunately, I've since lost contact with both Tait and Kevin and don't have any other updates. If you have any, please add them!

Anyway, I had a good time with these great musicians, and it's nice that there's a place where I can share my memories of them. I'll have to dig through the memory banks to see who else I can remember from back in the day.