Open Your Mind



Open Your Mind

Links in the Gems area hit health, metaphysical, social, technological and many more topics. The blog contains ramblings on all the same things. Gain a new perspective on the universe by opening your mind up to all its possibilities.


This site was inspired by friends, family and total strangers that I’ve met and discussed many of the topics here with. A lot of really interesting conversations have come from them, and I don’t always remember all of the information, have a complete grasp of it, or have enough time to get into many of the details.

Now, being able to refer people to this and the information linked to from here means they can continue on their own.

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Occasionally I will add some of my thoughts to try to spice it up. Sure having a bunch of links is okay but I’ve got to follow in the footsteps of their information-giving ways and try to put something out there for people. Maybe some thoughts, maybe some tunes, maybe some videos of sexy lasers if we have time ;)

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