Phillips European Restaurant

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26 Corporate Woods, Rochester NY, 14623 [Directions] across from MCC
Hours (as of January 2016
Monday - Saturday: 11:00AM to 11:00PM
585 272 9910

Phillips European Restaurant is a continental upscale restaurant located in Brighton, well known for their desserts. A full menu is available on their web site.

Phillips also sells 'Zellies'. These are candies based on (no kidding) Birch tree bark sugars. A lot of tooth decay is related to bacteria that feast on refined sugars, and this type of sugar is good for other bacteria, and hard on the decay bacteria. Some studies have shown a connection between eating these candies, and decreased tooth decay. It's an interesting theory/product/candy, and an interesting place to sell them. While it's not clear these candies are a big help, they certainly don't hurt.


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2009-03-19 12:54:45   My last couple times there, I found that the desserts looked better than they tasted; they were dry and lacked flavor. I have to wonder if some of them sit in that display case far longer than they should. —DavidPausch

2009-07-18 11:50:10   I've gone here several times and I've had mixed experiences. The food has been hit or miss for me. Lately, it has been better than I usually have had. Desert wise it has been consistently better than most other places. That being said, it's not anything extraordinary either, most recently I had the carrot cake which wasn't bad. Their cheesecake is better than most that I've had though.

That being said, I've had some of the worst service experiences in any restaurant I've ever been to. A friend and I went to get some dinner there and about 5 minutes after we ordered, and before we got our food, we got our check. While I wasn't planning on getting anything beyond what I ordered, my friend was debating on dessert still after dinner so being non-confrontational we just didn't get dessert. Personally I did not think this was particularly rude, but it seems like poor taste (and poor business strategy) to give someone the check before they've eaten.

A friend of mine actually, ironically, had had dinner earlier that day and had something worse than poor service. They had some, albeit minor, credit card fraud during their dinner. He had the same waitress that I did and had also received the check before he was finished. He found it rude and decided to give her a small tip. He paid with his credit card and like most restaurants you get your credit card back and there's a line for how much tip you want to give. He wrote a number, added up the total, and signed it. A day later when he was studying his credit card expenses he noticed that his bill for the restaurant was higher than he recalled. He compared his receipt to the bill and lo and behold, the waitress added $2 of tip to his bill without his consent.

Anyways, I'm still split on the place. Supposidly the waitress has had some sort of reprimand after this incident was brought to the owner's attention, and up until recently I've enjoyed my experience there. So I'd say if you've never been there, give it a try...just watch your bill carefully. —dltprm

2009-10-09 11:30:18   I went here last night for dessert. Their hours say 11am-midnight. But, seriously, don't try going there at 10.45pm any other night besides Fri/Sat. They were turning people away at 11pm. (We were eating and saw this happen multiple times.) I can understand it may be slow, but if that's the case, change your hours. Don't have a sign out saying you'll be open until midnight and then shut down early. You are a restaurant, suck it up. I owned a business, there were times when no one came in for 5-6 hours at a time, did I close up early? No, because I made a commitment. Apparently, Phillips doesn't feel the same. Plain and simple.

Oh, the desserts we had were fine. —MarcVera

2010-10-27 01:25:41   Some desserts are very good and some are just OK. I've never been too impressed with the service. —SargtGrumbles

2010-11-26 21:45:12   Went here with my wife a couple of weeks ago. The waiter was helpful and friendly, the food was wonderful, the desserts were great. Not cheap - but not at all exorbitant for what it was. I had Chicken French - it was delicious, and the "petite" size was bigger than most place's full serving. My wife was very impressed with the steak. We have gone here previously and found the desserts reasonably unimpressive - but everything was delicious this time. Had the Bailey's and cream torte for dessert, and my wife had a fruit tart. Both were amazing. We'll be coming back for special occasions. —TimCrist

2012-08-28 16:47:40   Service was a bit slow but the food was wonderful. The decor needs a lot of help, though. Very drab and dated. —EileenF

2019-11-04 22:40:21   Phil, if you're reading this: Bring back the All You Can Eat dessert event, please. —batguano