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2006-10-08 14:05:17   The best Vietnamese I've had in town. Very nice, clean. Lots of Vietnamese customers, so you know it's good. The pho soup is excellent. —RemekKocz

2006-11-08 09:58:59   In a relatively shady part of town but the pho was delicious. —OneLove

2007-04-08 21:38:40   I am Vietnamese and I've been to almost every single restaurant in the Northeast. This is by far, the BEST Pho restaurant I've been to. Gotta love their XLarge bowls (they're HUGE!). And for the prices on their menu, it's definitely worth it! ($7.00 for that XLarge bowl of soup that could feed 5!). I am impressed with their soups. Try their Hu Tieu Mi Do Bien, it's yummie! Their smoothies are just right. Would I return? YES! Would I recommend Pho lovers & first time tryers? YES! Don't mind the ghetto neighborhood, it's the good food that counts!! —HuongTran

2007-04-08 21:48:16   The three main thing they have are PHO and RICE, and they also have specials every week. The bowl of pho is HUGE and taste extremely juicy. When they brought out an XL bowl of pho that cost only $7 bux, my mouth was drooling. The second time I went there, I got an XL bowl of Hu Tieu My with Do Bien, it was HUGE and they're not being cheap on their stuffs either. They simply throw it all in, made sure it fill up the bowl. I love the price, they dont overcharge you and all price from top to bottom are the same... The size range from S, M, L, XL bowl...

I am Vietnamese, and my mom cooks all Vietnamese specials every weekends... So when I say this place is extremel good, then it's good... Me and my girlfriend refers this restaurant as "grandma's kitchen" because the place is ghetto but the food taste good, just like grandma's kitchen!. —ThuyTran

2007-05-10 00:16:41   The pho is good. The service is piss poor. The way we were treated (on several occasions) left much to be desired. The servers have a tendency to chit chat with ecah other and on their cell phones - ignoring their customers for prolonged periods of time. For example, my friend ordered a soda. Despite gently reminding the server a couple of times, it only arrived a whole 2 minutes before the check (we were done eating). The whole time, you could see the servers on their cell phones, talking away.

They have the clientele they do because honestly, it is one of the very, very few decent pho places in Rochester..if not the only. However, I think I am going to hold off till they either hire new staff or retrain their old ones. —OneLove

2007-08-31 16:54:20   The food here is really good. The portion are big. The food is always steaming hot. What's not to like? Just a heads up for those who don't eat at many Vietnamese restaurants, in Vietnam, it's generally considered rude to bring a check to customers before they request it. So, when you are done, just make sure you ask for the check. —WeiShao

2007-09-23 07:38:42   We went here a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I thought the pho was nicely seasoned, but it's milder and more gentle than pho I've had in other places (the best ever for me was this summer in Reno: Viet Pho 289-A E. Plumb Lane, Reno, NV 89502-3417, which sent me into paroxysms of joy). I'm not big on lots of fat in/on my meat, so next time I'll avoid the flank and just stay with the beef options, which are trimmed up more. This restaurant didn't provide mint, another thing I'll ask for next time. Portions are enormous. I had a Large and took home almost half of it, and it made a wonderful breakfast the next day. Service for us was just fine, pleasant and good about bringing us our water and bill when we asked. —KatieSchmitz

2007-09-26 23:33:19   I was there recently and noticed that they have hired new people. Their service is still slow but so much more pleasant. WeiShao, thank you for the advice. Being from S.E Asia myself, I was unaware of this custom in Vietnam. I will definitely keep it in mind when reviewing Vietnamese places. —OneLove

2007-11-16 08:30:45   Went here for lunch the other day. It's damn good and real cheap. I got a large and couldn't finish it. Im pretty sure the bowls they serve the pho out of is ment for a family of 4. Id go back, it was delicious! —GeorgeBluth

2007-11-16 14:51:45   I do not recall the name of the subs they serve, but they are very good. —MrPhil

2007-11-16 15:19:25   Do they have those awesome tofu subs (banh mi)that one can get at Co Yen on Spadina in Toronto? —RxScabin

2007-12-06 12:31:13   Their Bahn Mi are excellent but I've only had the pork/pate ones. —GordonAnderson