Pia Mater



Matt Blauvelt - Drums & Vocals
Chris Dudley - Keyboards & Vocals
Jason Gilly - Bass & Vocals
Collin Jones - Guitar & Vocals
Luke Sienk - Guitar & Vocals
Booking Info: (Luke)
<luke AT piamatermusic DOT com>
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Pia Mater is a local Progressive Funk Rock with an addiction to improvisation. With a focus on writing great songs, this could mean many different things, from a four minute pop song, to a ten minute progressive suite. Get them on stage, and be prepared to have these songs expand.

The band formed in 2004 and since has been rocking around Rochester ever since. Combining various genres of music, such as progressive, funk, rock and jam, Pia Mater defies description, and makes it hard for them to fall into any preformed classification. This requires the listener to be the judge — don’t fear the unknown.


Pia Mater's first album was released on December 6, 2008 and is entitled The Living Legends


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