Piano Music with Gena

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1906 Penfield Road, Penfield NY, 14526
Hours (as of February 2016)
By appointment
585 662 3201
Wheelchair Accessible
<genaetheridge AT yahoo DOT com>

Music lessons provided by Gena Etheridge in Penfield for the beginner, the person returning to lessons, or players of any level or style. Young beginners can enroll in the JumpStart program, the Pianimals.

Gena Etheridge is a freelance pianist, playing for theaters, weddings, events, accompanying, you name it. She has taught students of all ages for 20+ years. She studied at the Eastman School of Music and F.S.U. with concert pianists and jazz pianists. Gena is also a composer of all genres of music, having studied composition and jazz arranging and band arranging at ESM and F.S.U. as well. Gena is also a conductor of choirs and bands.

Gena is available to write music for you, or to play for your event.


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