Pietzche Nietzche


Pietzche Nietzche is a local band that has been playing since 1991 and goes through band members like most Rochester bands go through 8-balls.

Current and former members include Barb Johnston, Jack DiMartino, Amy Nietzsche, Mike Rizzo, Greg Fenlong, Arthur Ratnik, Mark Martin, Vargus Pike, Howie Lester, Phil Dann, Alby DeBlieck, Matty Sonar, Bill Moon, Jason Nemec, Michelle Hurt, Tony Cavegnero, Jonny One-Lung, Kitten Kitten Kitten Head, Dave Hammet, Toni Zernick, and Vanessa Delzangaro.

The band has played every club in Rochester under one name or the other and has somehow opened up for Eugene Chadbourne, P-Funk and Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.

They have released three "official" CDs: God Is Def, Misunderestimated and a rock opera called March Of The Disney Robots.

They have a MySpace page where you can hear music - [WWW]http://www.myspace.com/pietzcheneitzches

Here are some words in quotes about the band:
"No encore!!!!"
"A poet muddies his own waters in order to make them appear deeper.."

Peachy Neachy, Picci Nicci, Pea Cheese Knee Cheese, Peetcha Neetcha, Pee Chi Gneetshe, Peachee Neechee