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2005-05-11 22:39:25—The worst pizza you will ever have. Located near the 12 Corners in Brighton, it's like eating cardboard soaked in engine oil, covered in erasers. -FarMcKon

2006-06-21 19:18:15I'm willing to give it another try now that ownership has changed, but I stand by how bad it was at the time! —FarMcKon

2006-09-08 14:07:11   I do not know what the other submitters are talking about. Pizzeria Americana makes some truly excellent pizza. They have good wings too. —NeonNinja

2006-10-16 11:16:53   This is my absolute favorite place to get pizza, wings and subs. Their steak sub is spectacular. We order from there at least once a week. —BobBob

2006-10-16 18:55:38   The one in Greece is superb. I like their "cup and char" pepperoni pizza... —TomKaminski

2006-11-26 16:35:00   first commenter may be referring to the point after it was sold by the original owner. it was purchased back early in 06. it truly was terrible at that time (from what I've heard by the current, and original, owner.) —JtBene

2006-12-08 18:52:57   I don't know about the location in Brighton but the one located in Greece is great!! I don't like their red sauce for pizza though, I usually get the pesto sauce or one of the other three sauces they use for their pizza. The garlic parmesan wings are AWESOME!! They also have this pulled pork sandwich that is really good too. :) —ChadHaski

2007-02-27 12:34:07   Currently, Best Pizza Ever! —GaryPalmerJr