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The Pontillo's Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 26, 2009.

2006-01-03 16:36:55   "One of the BEST pizza joints in Rochester, possibly the UNITED STATES! Actually I haven't really had pizza other than in Rochester but I'm telling you it's that good. Wings are just as great as the pizza. Really a good place that I feel I'm guaranteed to get good food every time." —RickUrwin

2006-01-03 23:40:54   If you are up for a road trip, the one in Batavia, NY is the original, I think. I have found that some Pontillos are better than others. —JasonWilder

2006-01-25 10:34:06   Good mix of crispness and pizza grease! —JcPop

2006-01-25 19:25:40   I wonder why some of the Pontillo's make such a great pie and others are less great? But it is true. The Pittsford and Bushnell's Basin are two of the best. —LindaMarie

2006-03-26 16:32:59   I think this is the best NY-style pizza in Rochester. I get mine from the Empire Blvd location and it's fantastic. —MattDana

2007-02-28 21:02:54   What are you guys smoking? I think pontillos is mediocre at best, and doesn't even compare that well to the national chains. Maybe the problem is I've only had pizza from the Mt. Hope branch. Rumor is that various branches can vary widely in quality. —QuintessentialKay

2007-03-10 17:13:21   I have heard that different locations vary, but Empire Blvd is the best! I agree with the above comment by MattDana, and the owner is a great guy —JessTancsik

2007-03-16 13:28:10   I revisited Pontillos Mt. Hope the other day and I'll temper my comment a little bit. I'll maintain, though, the quality is a bit uneven from time to time and place to place. —QuintessentialKay

2007-03-31 19:28:29   I will not temper my comments. Tonight the guys at the Mt. Hope branch were total jerks. I just moved nearby so they lost YEARS of patronage. —OutSider

2007-03-31 19:58:04   I've heard the pizza varies greatly by location. I've been to the Park Ave location and the food was fine. They only have one table inside but ample seating outside. The Park Ave location pizza is decent, not bad but nothing amazing. I'd order from here again. —TravisOwens

2007-04-30 07:13:22   Empire Pontillo's is the best pizza in Rochester. Great quality that uses the original recipe. Slices are great. Nice thing is they deliver to Webster.... —FrankHalpa

2007-11-10 14:12:35   I will never order from them again. I placed an order through campusfood.com to the Mt. Hope location and an hour later I called them and they said their fax machine was broken and they never got the order. That's fine, but I only live around the corner and it took them another hour to bring me my calzones. They never offered to give me my food for free, or even discount it, they just gave us some free soda. Not good enough for waiting two hours for calzones that were small and overpriced. —CatMagro