RED Rochester Every Day



The RED program started in 2003 as a means to motivate University of Rochester University of Rochester students to explore the city of Rochester and also benefit local businesses by increased student traffic. All U of R student IDs should carry a RED sticker that denotes eligibility in the program. Currently there are around 150 Rochester businesses that offer the RED discount to U of R students, which varies from free scones with lunch to ten percent off of purchase. In order to up awareness about RED on the university campus, the RED coordinator started a blog [WWW] under the pen name the RED hottie. By using a witty and playful style she urges students to explore the "gems" of Rochester. The blog link has appeared in both the weekly buzz and weekend highlights (two e-mail newsletters that are e-mailed to the student body) and in an advertisement in the Campus Times Campus Times. The RED program is additionally promoted through a monthly free raffle at Wilson Wednesday, where the prizes are gift certificates to RED establishments.


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