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RUNG, the Rochester Unemployed Networking Group is a job search support group with a Yahoo Group for sharing information. As of February 2010, the message posting activity is fairly high with an average of more than 100 posts per month since January 2007.

The group was started prior to April 2002 and held meetings at one time but nothing posted on their current calendar or mention of meetings on the group.

The group specifically states on the Group Home Page

Note March 31, 2010: (from jackgreenky who was a member of RUNG over 10 years ago)
Although no meeting information for RUNG was found on the Yahoo message group at this time, (Yahoo Search was not working,) Alternate meeting info was found: for the New Horizons Network:
New Horizons meets every Thurs. @ St. Joseph's, 43 Gebhardt Rd, Penfield, NY off 5 Mile Line Road, across from Penfield High
April 1, 2010 discussion on credit issues facing the unemployed.

Look for messages in the Yahoo Group about the New Horizons Network - example: message 8242, March 29, 2010 from Pete C:
- includes scheduled meetings and topics of interest for the unemployed job-seeker in the Rochester Area - mentions RUNG, but no meeting info -
not just the New Horizons Meetings, but several others.


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2009-04-03 11:53:24   I attended a few meetings in 2002 after being layed off from Xerox and posted material on their Yahoo Group. I rejoined the Yahoo Group to view its current contents. There is a lot of outdated material in the Files and Links section posted a number of years ago (including some of mine). As time permits I will try to contribute some more current material to the group and link it in to RocWiki. —BradMandell

2011-12-09 11:10:06   Note December 9, 2011: ( Correction/ clarification from RUNG Moderator, Pete Chatfield) RUNG is an information sharing only Yahoo Group. It does not meet. I also run a network support group for the unemployed / under employed called New Horizons Network. It meets every Tuesday morning at The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, 1957 Five Mile Line Road, on the corner of Whelan road, in Penfield. I send the weekly agenda out on Sunday night and it goes to RUNG as part of the distribution. Anyone is welcome to attend. It is true that much of the RUNG Folder content is dated. That is a function of member participation as anything else. —PeteChatfield